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Are you solving a specific problem? Read our FAQ, where we have summarized the most frequently asked questions of our customers. Also, you will find there further tips, manuals and instructions on how to proceed when solving a problem.

Technical support for products and software. Mon – Fri 8.30 – 17.00.

Basic topics:
Software Domat IDE Properties of hardware platforms with Domat Runtime How to write software effectively in Domat IDE Modbus device in Domat IDE Transition to RT 2.4.0.x and impacts on the project Terminological dictionary Security issues of Domat products with Ethernet interface SSCP protocol and the serial link Coupling hardware I/O points Domat Windows Runtime Latching - what it is and how to deal with it How it is with the templates thing? General runtime queries General IDE queries General questions about communication protocols General service inquiries General proxy queries General webserver queries
Frequently asked questions:
Mapping of programs (tasks) on PLC How to avoid cold restart in case of input transformations change? PLC debugging - variables without values Only single user is allowed Runtime update and operations with PLC After the restart, the PLC has an IP address of Storing variables in FLASH memory Error codes - LED RUN flashes Error message „You are over Hardware maximum allocated points“ Variables from the added device do not show in Variable browser Modbus RTU / TCP and wrong packets Variable of a M-Bus meter returns wrong value Sending alarm emails via Gmail Seznam Centrum How to add an image to HMI How to enter a time value in the HMI? No variables available in the Add variable dialog in HMI Editor After changing the web server password, the change was not applied on the web as well HT102, HT200 terminal: template upload/connection problems Default loading of definition files for Domat Visual HMI Editor (v2.3.0.x and older) - frequently asked questions EnOcean integration
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