SW backup when running RT

Is it possible to download a project from a process station without stopping RT?

The running project saves the current values from time to time (see settings in Options). This is done by backing up the whole project to a new file with a completely different name, which takes a while, and then deleting .bak, renaming the current project to .bak, and renaming the new backup to the project name.

When copying, in the vast majority of cases, we hit the interval in which nothing happens, and the backup runs smoothly. However, it can very rarely happen that when reading a project by the backup process, the file suddenly "disappears" - it is renamed to .bak. Then copying will not be performed correctly. However, this does not affect the project itself.

Therefore, it is better to stop the project (this also ensures that the file contains the last current values, because they are saved when stopped - therefore stopping sometimes takes a while), copy (backup) and start again.