Web panel Communication Error before login

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Please, could you help me with the commissioning a web server with MINIPLC? I followed the manual. He created a screen in the editor-> I exported it to the web-> the files uploaded to the web panel, set the WebPanel Configurator and uploaded everything to the PLC via the SoftPLC IDE. When I start the WebPanel Service, I open the link and a COmmunication Error occurs immediately at the top right. I'm also adding screens to see if there's ever a setting error.

Domat Control System support:

It seems that the basic problem is in the Connections tab, where the MiniPLC IP address is missing in the Data access host field so that the web server knows where to pull the data from. Instead of localhost, enter (which is, at least according to the screenshot from Platfom Config in court, the IP address of the MiniPLC). We also assume that the web server is in a common network with the MiniPLC and they are pinging each other.

Then, of course, Credentials must have a name and password to log in to the MiniPLC.

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