Problems with sending alarm emails

What should I check/find out if the MiniPLC and touch screen controllers do not send alarm emails?

Because everything worked in previous tests in the office, the cause of this problem is in the SMTP server settings. It depends on who provides Internet connectivity for the network in which the MiniPLC works - how it has limited access to SMTP servers (these are used for sending mail). Contact your network administrator or provider for the following information:

  • name or IP address of the SMTP server
  • username (in case it is necessary to log in to the server - today practically everywhere)
  • password to this name
  • the port on which the server receives requests
  • is SSL security used?

These data are then set in the Project alarms configuration menu of the graphic editor.
Note: RcWare Vision can also send emails, but a script is used there. We will gladly send you a project with an example, write to support@domat.cz. Use? For example, automatically sending an email with energy readings directly to the service provider (waterworks, ...).