Repeated stop of the Domain server and associated non-functional login

This error is usually reported as a sudden problem logging in to Merbon SCADA without anyone deploying new projects or upgrading the PC. This means that the Domain Server (Merbon.NetCoreServiceShell Server # MerbonDomainServer2) and Domain Server Database (DS2Database) services are stopped on the server. This problem then recurs at larger or smaller intervals even after manually starting these services.

The cause is usually an overload of the PC where the SCADA server is running. This can be found in the task manager. If the RAM or CPU usage increases to 80-90% during normal operation, the DS2Database service and subsequently the Domain Server service may stop spontaneously. It is necessary to find out why the overload occurs. This is either a failure to meet the minimum requirements for Merbon SCADA or the operation of other services and applications on the PC. In this case, the customer must either optimize the operation of other services or increase PC performance. The second option is a problem in the system (virus, bad drivers, etc.). In that case, we can guide the customer in the task manager, view the processes that the PC is using and try to detect the problematic application.