Project design and engineering

The real status project is part of the final documentation and its purpose is to be the working documentation for maintenance and service.

The documentation consists of several levels: project for building evaluation, which usually is the basis for price offering, shop drawings with wiring schematics of the switchboard and floor plans with peripherial location and descriptions, and the final phase – real status drawings, where all the changes and corrections which appeared during the construction and commissioning are entered.

Our designers are trained regularly, so they possess all the information necessary for correct and optimum building automation design using the latest components. Designers speak English and German, too, which is a necessary prerequisite for flexible developing of international projects. Before the works are started, there are specification meetings held which make sure that the project provides exactly what the customer needs and no extra works (and extra time and costs) may appear.

Customers may require a single subject as a partner for more complex system deliveries. Here, we provide sales and technical consulting to make sure that the links between technologies and subcontractors will flow according to schedule, budget and technical description.