Software Merbon SCADA

Merbon SCADA is a new process visualization, which enable access to the data such as tables and schemas offering current values, graphs, alarm and event overviews as well as other information. The application consists of a server, and one or more client stations. The server communicates with process level (PLCs), acquiring online data, and with databases, which provide history data (trends). The server then provides all clients with schemas of technologies and floor plans, tables, etc., which display the data. Clients use web browsers, which simplifies maintenance, licensing, and workstation management.

To install Merbon SCADA and related components, please follow the Installation Manual below.

The system requirements:

  • Windows 11, Windows server 2022 (System can work even on older OS versions - consult with technical support)
  • User rights: Full administrator rights are necessary for the installation.
  • HW requirements: 16GB RAM, 200GB HDD (SSD recommended, HW requirements may vary depending on specific parameters and project type).
  • For projects larger than 8000 data points Merbon DB is recomended.

In case of virtual operating system the supported virtualization tools are Hyper-V and VMware. Other tools may have problems licensing the service. The license is created using the HW decal, and changes to the virtual PC configuration may result in loss of service licensing. Set a fixed MAC address in the virtual OS configuration to reduce the likelihood of losing the license.

The Merbon SCADA projects editor is RCware Vision software. Please always use the current version to ensure the correct funcionality of Merbon SCADA.

Merbon SCADA is licensed software. DEMO license can be obtained during trainings or after webinars.


This project can be used as visual and functional example of project in Merbon SCADA.

The username is domat and the password is demo.

User manuals:

Older versions: