PI controller settings

Where in the setting together with the integration constant Ti can I find the value of the proportional gain K?

Instead of K (gain) we use Xp (bandwidth), which better describes the relationship between the various quantities at the input (°C) and output (%) of the controller. This corresponds to the difference required and actual at P control to open the valve to 100 %. Example: required 20 °C, actual 10 °C, bandwidth 30K, ie the valve would be open to 100 % at -10 °C and open to 33 % at 10 °C.

Where in Soft PLC is it possible to display the room temperature in the graph during setting (for tuning and vibration limitation)?

When setting, mark the required variables (actual, required, PI output) by right-clicking on the variable and Set probe. Then click on the graph icon at the top of the toolbar to start sampling, zooming, exporting, etc. is possible.

How to set PI controller for air heating in HVAC?

We proceed with HVAC by starting with P control (Ti = 0) and reducing Xp from the default value of 40K, for example, until it oscillates. Then we go for approx. 10 % up (safety margin), it usually ends somewhere at 30 K, and we start integrating. The default value of Ti is somewhere around 120 s, you will see how it will behave dynamically.