General webserver queries

When downloading the alarm log via the Controller as External Webserver terminal, it is not possible to download the system log or view the alarm history

Most likely, engineering user rights are not defined (default is admin / rw).

The webpage does not load - error status 404

  • Make sure you have vPLC folders uploaded with sweb files
  • Most likely, the fcgi server crashed. The easiest way to start the fcgi server is to apply the process of disabling the "Enable webserver" function in the "PLC" properties, uploading the configuration to the PLC sreboot and then enabling the "Enable webserver" function and uploading the configuration to the PLC sreboot.

The old definition file / schema is displayed on the web server

Most likely, the web browser saved the files to memory. Try one of these options, try the keyboard shortcut "Ctrl + F5", use an anonymous web browser window, or view the web definition in another web browser.

The defined font from the WM editor does not appear on the web server

Most likely, the web definition is displayed on the PLC by the FreeRTOS operating system, which displays only one font on the web.

Scattered characters appear on the web server

This is probably a UTF-8 encoding completion error. This bug can be resolved by playing RT at version and higher.

I can't upload a web definition via Controller as External Webserver

  • Check if this is a FreeRTOS PLC operating system, ie mar100, mark125, mark130, mark150 / 485, IMIO100, IMIO105, IMIO110, ICIO200 and ICIO205, this feature is not supported on these platforms.
  • Make sure you upload the web definition to a valid IP address and port, respectively. if this data is network open.

I can't set Zwebserver / read time / system configuration / system log

Most likely, the user will not have the time on the web server from which you are trying to set the write / read rights assigned to the function. In your PLC manager report, in the "User rights for HMI" tab, check whether the user under which you access the web server has the specific rights defined here.

No web server is loaded on the PLC

Make sure the web server template is selected in the PLC properties in your report.

I can't read the history on the web server

If the webserver is running on a PLC with the FreeRTOS operating system, this is a feature where it is not and will not be implemented.

For PLCs running Linux, reading history on the web is supported, check the following:

  • If you have variables selected in the "History Log" in the IDE project.
  • Time setting on the PLC. If the time was "running" on the PLC, you would not see the data on the web, as you can try to display the period from / to and the PLC has a different time set.
  • Check the time the data is written

How many records can be saved in the history?

The minimum guaranteed number of records that can be stored in the history on one PLC is specified in the catalog sheet of each PLC in the "Programming" section.

What happens if I exceed the maximum number of history records and can I increase that number?

There is no way to increase the number of user views. When the maximum number of records is exceeded, the oldest record will be overwritten.

Can I disable the webserver on the PLC?

On the PLC operating system FreeRTOS it is not possible resp. there is an option in the PLC properties, but after disabling the site to upload the configuration, the change will not be overwritten. On a Linux operating system PLC, this is implemented, just disable the website in the PLC properties and upload the configuration to the PLC.

After playing the creation of the definition for HT200 on the web via the Terminal Controller as External Webserver, I see the definition in low resolution on the web

This is because the definition was created in a resolution for the HT200 terminal. On the web, select "Fit to screen" for the resolution.

How do I select variables in a chart?

Use "Ctrl + left-click" to select the objects you want to display.

Is it possible to change the port number for the site?

It is not possible to change the port number for the web server on the FreeRTOS PLC. For PLC operating systems Linux, a port number for the web server is possible. The change must be made in the vIDE in the PLC properties (upload the configuration to the PLC) and also in the Linux directory via SSH under the path etc / rules / Firewall / Rules.