The buttons retain the trigger background color instead of the set background color

If the transparency of the buttons in RcWare is set, it happens that in Merbon SCADA, after clicking on that button, the background color of the button changes permanently to the activation color. An example is shown below, where the default background color is set to gray. After clicking on the button, the color changes to green (on the right) and this color remains on the button (without changing to the original gray).

The solution is to turn off the background transparency of the buttons in RcWare. If this does not help, delete the .dtwx file in your project directory (this file acts as an index of links to various object properties) in the C:/RcWare/Data, which will be re-created and updated when communication is enabled in RcWare. After these adjustments, changing the background color of the buttons should work normally.