Storing variables in FLASH memory

If the space reserved for storing variables in flash memory is exceeded, a warning message will appear in the results after the solution has been compiled and the variables will not be backed up to flash memory.

On PLCs with the Linux operating system (markMX.2, markMX, mark320, mark320LX, mark220, mark220LX, mark130.2, IMIO105.2, IMIO110.2, ICIO205.2, wPLC750-8101 and wPLC750-8102) 256 kB is reserved for storing variables in flash memory, which corresponds, for example, to 400 variables with the data type string.

On PLCs with the FreeRTOS operating system (mark100, mark120, mark125, mark150, mark150/485, IMIO100, IMIO105, IMIO110, ICIO200 and ICIO205) 103.4 kB is reserved for storage in FLASH memory, which corresponds to e.g. 200 variables with data type string.