Mark and wall process stations

Learn how to work with Domat SOFTWARE and you will be supported in two different systems, wall (card) and mark (modular). The mark line does not end there and will be further developed and you will be even stronger on the market with the Domat Control System.

Mark process stations

The mark… process stations bring flexibility of free programmable devices to the I/O module level. Thanks to modern technologies, Domat offers compact controllers IMIO110.2 (16 I/O) and ICIO205.2 (30 I/O) with Ethernet and RS485 in the new range of PLCs. For larger sites, the markMX.3 with 88 I/O is the right choice.


Wall process stations

Within the extension of application platforms for our system, we have established cooperation with the leading German manufacturer of components for electrical engineering and programmable PLCs, the company Wago. Our customers know their PLCs as controllers programmable in the CoDeSys environment. We launched these stations with the Domat Runtime under the name wall. The stations are programmable in the Domat IDE environment..



The mark… and wall… PLC values are accessible through different ways.

Third party drivers

Domat IDE - third party drivers and licensing policy.