Configuration and Program Upload IPLC510

Install and run WinSCP, a program communicating over SCP protocol. The installer can be downloaded here.

Default IP address of the IPLC510 is

Remember to check if your computer is in the same network and the address can be PINGed. To connect over a crossed Ethernet cable, a static IP address on the PC must be set up as well.

Recommended setting is:
IP address :
Subnet mask :

In the WinSCP window, create a new connection.
User name is „root“ by default.

SCP user/password: root/“code”, the default password (“code”) is written on the label on the side of the device.

To S / N 136558:
SCP user / password: root / sharkXXXX, where XXXX are the last 4 digits of the serial number (see device label).
Remember to note the new IP address after readdressing!

The protocol used is SCP.

There may be a warning about the server host key which is not in the registry. Add the key to the registry to continue.

To configure the IPLC, a terminal program is needed, e.g. PuTTY.

The executable file putty.exe (for download e.g. here) must be placed in C:\Program Files (x86)\PuTTY\putty.exe – then you can run putty directly via icon placed on top bar of the WinSCP main window, or Commands/Open in PuTTY.

Of course PuTTY can be run separately.

Stop the running SoftPLC project by pressing the „4“ key.

Go to the WinSCP main menu.
Copy your SoftPLC project folder to the /var/SoftPLCProjects folder of the IPLC. There may be more projects in the folder, although only one project will be selected to run.

Note that it is advisable to upload whole solution directory for service and administration purposes, however the runtime itself needs only to access directory which contains the .splcproj file.

Go to the PuTTY terminal window and  press „1“ to enter the system configuration menu.

Here, the IP address and other network parameters of the IPLC can be set. Press „3“ to enter the Networking menu.

Select one of the options available, e.g. „4“ for manual IP configuration.

Enter all network settings and confirm by „a“ or „y“ when prompted. The settings below are for illustration only, in case of doubt consult your IT department.

Press „r“ to restart networking. Remember that your computer’s IP settings may need changing so as to communicate with the IPLC again.

Press „c“ to cancel the Networking menu.

Press „q“ to quit the System configuration menu.

Before running the runtime process we need to set at least basic runtime setting – path to ladder diagram project. These settings are stored in runtime configuration file at /var/opt/rcware/WinServiceRT/soft_plc.config and can be edited manually, but it is recommended to access these settings via PuTTY using configuration utility.

Press „2“ to configure the runtime.
Note that the project name must be entered exactly as it is inclusive caps.

After the SoftPLC configuration is ready, press „3“ in the Login menu to start runtime.
The IPLC is now ready for connection from IDE over TCP port 12345 (Remote Connection).