Cannot find MXPLC in the network (first connection)


I bought an MXPLC, after connecting the power supply the PLC starts fine, but I can't connect to it via Ethernet, it can't even be found in the network. Am I making a mistake somewhere? Is it possible to find the default IP address somewhere?


We assume that the physical connection is OK (power is on, the LED on the Ethernet socket shines). If the PLC cannot be found in the network, it is usually a problem with the firewall turned on (PLC detection takes place via a protocol other than TCP and broadcast). Another reason may be the existence of multiple network interfaces in the PC, such as a cable with PLC and wifi for the Internet, or some VPN interfaces. Broadcast "catches" on one of the interfaces and it doesn't have to be an Ethernet cable. Unfortunately, this feature cannot be changed in Windows. We therefore recommend that you temporarily block all other network interfaces during detection. The default IP address of the PLC is (see cat. sheet).

If you have a PLC connected directly with a cable (without a switch), sometimes it is good to set the speed and duplex mode on the network card in the PC manually. This avoids automatic parameter detection which could cause problems, because the network interface of the BECK processor, which is part of the MXPLC, cannot "talk" with some types of network cards.