How to avoid cold restart in case of input transformations change?

All values ​​related to input settings, transformations and their coefficients are applied only after uploading and cold restart of the PLC.

During recovery, a cold restart is not a problem (during this, the current values ​​from the PLC runtime are lost and all variables are set to the default values ​​from the source code). Later in operation, however, we want to keep the current values, ie avoid a cold restart. Then you can proceed as follows:

  1. Set the transformation type for the input to Identity,
  2. upload the program and perform a warm restart,
  3. set the transformation type again to Resistance to temperature (or another required transformation),
  4. upload the program to PLC and perform a warm restart.

With the Identity transformation, auxiliary variables with the type of linearization, coefficients, etc. are deleted during compilation. Their re-establishment already applies new values. If we only changed, for example, the type of linearization curve or the values ​​of Pre_K, Pre_Q, X1, X2, etc., the transformation would always remain in the code and after uploading the program and a warm restart, the current (old) values ​​in the PLC would be used.