General service inquiries

Sending alarm SMS does not work

  • Check if the PIN is set on the SIM card or if the VIDEO is set to the correct PIN
  • Make sure you have the correct baud rate at which the GSM modem communicates
  • If the GSM modem is located in a room with a lower signal, an SMS message may not be sent even though the vIDE function block does not return any error. We recommend putting a stronger antenna on the GSM modem
  • There may be a problem with RTS / CTS data flow control when returning error state 26 on the "SendSMSTrig" function block - try to switch data flow control off or on via the serial console (eg with PuTTY program)

Sending alarm emails doesn't work

  • Check if the PLC is accessible to the Internet - the PLC has the correct network settings
  • Check with your network administrator that the email port is not blocked
  • Make sure you have the correct port for the SMTP server
  • Make sure emails aren't blocked by email settings

Proxy connection does not work

  • Check if the PLC settings have proxy enabled, correctly entered URL, ID and Keep-alive Period for 10s. - these parameters are loaded by configuration into the PLC
  • Check that the PLC is connected to the Internet or the firewall does not block ports that are used for communication by the sproxy server
  • Check the status displayed in the system status on the PLC next to the "Proxy" section

kdatabase connection does not work

  • Check if the PLC settings are database enabled, correctly entered URL, username and password - this can be created on the server on which the database is running URL: http: // [IP]: 11112 / admin
  • Database communication can be blocked by an anti-virus program or firewall settings on the computer running the database

I can't see the data in the database

If the storage in the database works resp. in the system state it can be seen that records have been saved, but you do not see the data in the graph, it is possible that the data are stored under a different time stamp, which may be caused by the current time not being set on the PLC