Quality and environmental system policy

Integrated Quality and Environment Policy.

The tradition of our company dates back to 2004. We currently have hundreds of satisfied customers who use our solutions in thousands of installations across Europe and overseas. We are a dynamic company, our goal is to give our customers a system that makes their work easier, saves time and improves their competitiveness. We want our products and services to be of the highest technical and technological level. We want to be a stable partner for our customers, providing long-term professional background, for our employees certainty, stability and access to the latest knowledge and skills. Our company has long-term stabilized internal processes and IS certification is proof for our clients and other partners. We are committed to continuous improvement of the IS management system and compliance with its requirements and all legal and other requirements.

The basic philosophy of our company in the field of the environment is the following motto:
We are an integral part of society and we realize how we interact with our environment. We believe that even a small impact on the environment is essential.

Our company provides a comprehensive solution for intelligent building management, energy efficiency, data management and integration of information from other building infrastructure systems. The company team has long-term experience in the field of heating, air-conditioning and energy balance of buildings – know-how is an integral part of the services provided and we strive to profile as a bearer of education in the field by actively participating in professional conferences and trainings.

We are committed to continually improving the environment and preventing pollution, reducing energy intensity. This commitment includes the provision of the necessary resources and information. We undertake to comply with legal and other regulations and requirements.

We are ISO 9001, 14001 and 27001 certified.