IPCT.2 – Linux touchscreen

Quick start guide for computers with a web browser (Linux)

An industrial 8 GB SD card is installed in the computer, on which a minimalist TinyCore Linux distribution is installed. The whole installation takes approx. 100 MB and is loaded into the computer's operating memory at startup.

After booting the computer and Linux, the Firefox browser with the mKiosk add-on will start automatically. This add-on changes Firefox settings so that you can't quit your browser without using the keyboard.

Write protection

The SD card is write-protected by a switch located directly on the SD card. We strongly recommend that you toggle this switch only if you want to change the settings on the system. Otherwise do not switch the switch! Thanks to this, you will be sure that the system on the SD card will remain intact even in the event of power failures and the like. You will also prevent users from changing the settings accidentally.

How do I change some computer settings?

  • Turn off the computer by sliding out the power connector.
  • Unscrew the SD card cover, remove the card, slide the switch to the "unlocked" position and slide the card back.
  • Connect the power connector, keyboard, and mouse and wait for the computer to boot.
  • Press Ctrl-Q to quit Firefox.
  • To change network settings, left-click on the desktop and select SystemTools>ControlPanel>Network.
  • To change Firefox settings (home page, etc.), follow these steps: left-click on the desktop and select SystemTools> RunProgram and enter firefox –safe-mode.

This will launch Firefox without the mKiosk add-on and allow you to change all Firefox settings

  • After making the required changes, shut down the system as follows: click the power button on the desktop, leave the "Shutdown" option selected, and especially leave the "Backup" preselected in the "Backup Options" item. Click the OK button. Changes made in this way are saved to the SD card when the computer is switched off.
  • After turning off the computer, disconnect the power connector, remove the SD card, slide the switch on the SD card to the "locked" position, slide the card back in, and screw on the SD card cover.