When exporting alarms from RcWare, the dialog “Error during retrieving Configuration” appears.

We can encounter this error quite often. This is a general error, for which we must first identify the specific cause.

First you need to verify that the correct login and password is filled in the alarm export form. If we are sure, we will also verify whether the user we are using is assigned in the Domain server in the “Alarm server administrators” group (see the implementation manual). If we have everything set correctly according to the manual and the error still persists, we continue with another solution.

Stop the “Merbon Alarm server” service and open the C:\Apps\Merbon\Alarm Server Warehouse folder. Here we open the “cfg” and “history” folders and delete all the files in them. Then turn on the “Merbon Alarm server” service again, restart RcWare Vision and test whether the alarm export already works. If it doesn't work, we continue.

Once we have tried all the previous steps and the export still does not work, we can still try a new installation of Merbon Alarm server. First, we will uninstall the Merbon Alarm server service via the Merbon SCADA installer. Then open the C:\Apps\Merbon\ folder and delete all the folders that are created after installing the Alarm server. Particulary speaking about:

  • Merbon Alarm Server
  • Merbon Messaging
  • Alarm Server Bridge
  • Alarm Server Bridge Logs
  • Alarm Server Warehouse

Then we will install the service again and try everything again. Export should work now.