Storage in the database from two sources - RcWare and SCADA (in the graph of the variable the correct measured value alternates with the constant)

There is a problematic state, the result of which is a graph in which the correct value from the sensor is displayed, but this value is alternated by some constant value. These samples can then be found directly in the Merbon DB database. The problem is caused by saving to the database from two sources - Merbon SCADA and RcWare Vision. In order for projects to export the database storage settings correctly, this information must be stored in the global “SQL Server Settings”. In this case, however, this setting also applies to projects that are in RcWare Vision. If we run these projects, they will start saving to our database. The problem then occurs when RcWare Vision loses communication with the PLC. At that moment, the last value from the PLC remains stored in the RcWare memory, which is then written to the database at given intervals.

The solution to this state is currently only to turn off RcWare Vision when the implementation is complete. To avoid future problems, it is then advisable to exclude exported SCADA projects from the list of active projects and to turn off the opening of last opened projects at the start of RcWare Vision.