MAC address of MiniPLC?

When connecting to customer networks, sometimes the network administrator wants the MAC address (the physical address of the MiniPLC network card) from you, which he needs for more secure network setup. This address is easily found by the "arp -a" command, which you run from the Windows command line (Start - Run - cmd). The list includes the IP addresses that the computer has in its table, and their associated MAC addresses in this format:

C:\Documents and Settings\notebook>arp -a

Interface: — 0×3

Internet Address   fyzická adresa       typ             00-0c-42-13-79-41 dynamická           00-30-56-a1-68-8d dynamická         00-04-76-ca-35-0d dynamická

The MiniPLC with the address therefore has the MAC address 00-30-56-a1-68-8d.

The PC from which we are testing this must be connected to the network where the MiniPLC is, and it must already be communicating with the MiniPLC, eg by uploading software or Remote Connection.