Operator Terminals

The operator panel HT200 with touch screen is a smart and simple way how to operate the free-programmable process stations using SoftPLC or Domat.

HT200 – touchscreen operator panel

Its 7“ LCD display shows a tree menu structure, created for the PLC LCD displays, in the Merbon Menu Reader application, or displays simple plant graphics with active objects in panels, which are engineered as web pages for the PLC web servers. The application engineers do not need to install and work with new programs, a single HMI project suits both local operation over a PLC display and remote operation over the HT200 terminal.
The HT200 communicates with up to 10 PLCs using SoftPLC Link protocol for the SoftPLC process stations, or SSCP protocol for Domat Runtime based PLCs. Because of secured communication protocols it is no problem to display data from PLCs installed at different locations and connected over the Internet.

The HT200 installs in the panel door using attached clamps. It is powered by 24 V DC. The PLCs are linked over its Ethernet interface, the IP address and other parameters are simply set over the HT200 web interface. The web interface is also used for uploading the menu definition file or graphic panels project.

Operation using a touchscreen is intuitive and stems from proven concepts based on mobile application development. The software is also available as a separate application called Domat Menu Reader, free for download at Google Play and App Store. The PLCs then can be operated from any mobile device with iOS and Android operating systems.

Thanks to open OS Linux and a reasonable price, the HT200 can be used also outside of the Domat PLC topology – as a OEM operating panel for 3rd party systems.