General runtime queries

Unable to connect to PLC

LEDs on the Ethernet PLC are not blinking (PLC is not pinging):
Make sure the processor board on the PLC is "clicked" well. It is necessary to remove the PLC upper, "click and click the processor board" again.

The PLC responds to the ping, but the RT LED does not "flash":
If the PLC contains a Linux operating system, connect to the PLC via WinSCP. Copy RT to the root directory as "root". Set the executable flag "X" on the RT file and run vPuTTY RT with the command "sh sharkRT.sh" after execution enter the command sync and then enter the command reboot -n

It is not possible to connect to the PLC after uploading the report
If the PLC contains the Linux operating system, connect to the PLC via WinSCP and delete the files using the "tftpdboot" directory "Sex1" and "sex2".

On markMX or markMX.2 inputs / outputs do not respond properly

Check the task mapping for programs. If the individual programs will have separate tasks, then put all the variables into one task and play the report. If the problem is with the value of the analog inputs AI9 - AI16, to which the active peripherals are connected, then G0 will most likely not be applied to the AIC. Check whether it is connected and, if necessary, supply power to the AIC from G0.

The uploaded project will not run on the PLC

This problem often arises on platforms with the FreeRTOS operating system with lower performance (mark100, mark150 / 485). When uploading a larger project to the PLC after clicking the dialog box "How do you want to start the controller ...". An error message is displayed. It can help the program to remove some parts that take up more space, such as time programs, alarms, etc., and try to load the program on the PLC without them.

WindowsRT cannot detect / possibly upload project

Most likely, there may be some different versions between the release and the development version of the image that is uploaded by vruntime. You will need to delete the uploaded image from PLC, which you will do by completely deleting the contents of the C: \ ProgramData \ Merbon \ RT \ default directory. If you need to keep the network configuration settings on the PLC, you should only need to delete the "sex1" and "sex2" files.

It is not possible to change the IP address on the PLC - after setting it is on the PLC IP

The INIT DIP switch on the PLC in the ON position will most likely be set.

I can't run the uploaded project on the PLC

If the error manifests itself in such a way that you manage to compile the report, upload it to the controller and after clicking the dialog box for "run report" the status is displayed in the status, then the project is too big and it will be necessary to go through the project and make a modification, ie. go through inputs / outputs and turn off autogen for variables that are not used in full. If this reduction does not help, it will be necessary to intervene in the program (do so after consultation with the programmer). I recommend reducing data types for variables, ie implemented to int or sint, etc. If necessary, use Time type programs (without exceptions).

Uploading the report to the PLC will fail at the beginning of the upload

If the report was compiled, but the report failed to load at the beginning, then most likely one of the following errors occurred:

  • Check the stability of the network connection between your computer and the PLC
  • Check how many SSCP TCP clients connect to the PLC (this problem can occur especially with PLC operating system FreeRTOS, where the limit is set to 5 SSCP TCP connections, while uploading the report will take two SSCP TCP connections.

Not all fields are displayed in the properties of eg function block, PLC, etc.

You will most likely have a lower version of the .NET Framework installed on your computer. Download and install version 4.7.2 and higher.
It is possible that your computer resp. the antivirus program has locked some libraries. So far, the fastest way to deal with this is to copy the development environment to a flash drive and copy the development environment from it to your computer.

How can I downgrade RT on a lower version?

Downgrade to a lower RT version is not officially supported. For a PLC with operating system Linux simply opens a lower version of the IDE, detects the PLC, and upload the RT. This is not possible for PLC with the FreeRTOS operating system. Downgrade to a lower RT version is always without guarantee and the PLC may stop working and will not be detected.