Release notes

Release notes of our hardware and software products.

6. 4. 2023:  DB Adapter update for Merbon RT

Introducing the TLS protocol into PLCs in Merbon IDE 2.5.0.x brings a major extension of security functionalities of the PLCs as well as of the adjacent programs. However, there are some steps to be followed, required for correct functionality of the entire system. One of them is the update of Merbon SCADA if the PLCs use direct writing into a Merbon Database.

In Merbon DB Adapter, which is part of Merbon SCADA lower than 1.9.0, the connection of PLCs with version Merbon IDE 2.5.0.x is not supported. Note that when updating your PLCs to Merbon IDE 2.5.0.x, the installations which use direct history data writing from PLCs to Merbon DB, need also the update of Merbon SCADA. The Merbon DB Adapter installator which is part of the Merbon SCADA 1.9.0 installer must be used. The Merbon SCADA installer is available here.

30. 3. 2023:  Remote upload of the program on SoftPLC

From Merbon IDE version 2.4.0.x to version RT playback on ICIO205.2 is not supported. If you need to replay the RT, please contact technical support. In the following IDE versions and above, this bug with RT playback on ICIO205.2 will be fixed.

13. 3. 2023:  Remote upload of the program on SoftPLC

On the newer platforms for SoftPLC, namely iPLC301 - S/N: 167015 and above, iPLC201 - S/N: 181198 and above, MXPLC-B -S/N: 219769 and above, it is no longer possible to play a program remotely via port 8001 only, is all ports must be enabled on the network router. Local playback is not affected.

11. 2. 2021: Repair patch for HT200

In autumn last year, we informed you about the SW repair for HT200. Repair patch solved the problems, but if the display still crashes after uploading this patch, please contact the sales department or products@domat.cz.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

19. 1. 2021: Fixing incorrect display of special characters on the PLC web and disabled BACnet server

For all information please follow this link.

26. 11. 2020: Non-standard range for UT090 temperature measurement

Several UT090 sensors have been put on market, which have a non-standard set temperature range for temperature measurement, namely -25 – 60°C instead of the usual 0 – 50°C. The sensors can be used, it is only necessary to change the range for reading values in the Merbon IDE environment in order to display the correct values of the measured temperature.

These are the following S / N: 193371, 188707, 187080, 193370, 188706, 187079, 193368, 188705, 187078, 193363, 188704, 187077, 193361, 188703, 187076, 193360, 188700, 187074, 193269, 188699, 187073, 192504, 188697, 187072, 192503 188696, 187061, 192502, 188694, 187060, 192501, 188693, 187059, 192500, 188692, 187058, 192489, 188677, 187057, 192488, 188668, 187056, 188755, 188662, 187055, 188752, 188661, 187054, 188748, 188659, 188748, 18865 187053, 188742, 187081, 187052, 188681, 193372 a 187253.

If you have any questions, please contact our technical support. We apologize for any inconvenience.

16. 11. 2020: We do not recommend running Proxy on a PLC with FreeRTOS OS

We do not recommend starting the Proxy service on PLCs with the FreeRTOS operating system (mark100, mark120, mark125, mark130, mark150/485, IMIO100, IMIO105, IMIO110, ICIO205) due to possible deletion of the program after a longer program run on the PLC.

We are working on the repair. We apologize for any inconvenience.

21. 10. 2020: Wrong display of characters on the IMIO110 display: Fixed version of IDE

This bug causes wrong display of characters on the IMIO110 display. The characters may be broken and change randomly. If you experience this bug, please contact technical support. You will be provided with a fixed pre-release of Merbon IDE.

We apologise for eventual problems.

7. 10. 2020: Corrective patch for HT200

You can now download the corrective patch for HT200 here.

This is a fix for cases when the green LED was lit on the HT200, the terminal could not wake up from sleep mode and only the restart of the device helped. The patch can be uploaded in the standard way using a web browser just as a new version of the application is loaded.

Currently shipped terminals already include a patch. We apologize for any inconvenience.

20. 8. 2020: UI9xx, UI3x9 – firmware bug fixed

Room units with CO2 sensors show an unusual bug in firmware versions 208 to 212: If the Modbus address is dividable by 5 (such as 5, 10, 15, 20, etc.), the CO2 sensor returns a constant value of 0 ppm. The bug is fixed in firmware versions 214 and 215:

- FW v214 for ELT sensor, PCB version D1051_V13
- FW v215 for SenseAir sensor, PCB version D1051_V15

- FW v215 for SenseAir sensor, PCB versionD1176_V11

The problem can be avoided just by readdressing of the sensor, if circumstances allow. Of course we will be happy to update the firmware free of charge. If you need this, just send the units back to Domat please. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused. All currently shipped units already contain the new firmware.

1. 2. 2019: New processor board at HT101 and HT102

The new processor board is present at HT101 with serial numbers147994 and newer, and at HT102 with serial numbers 148040 and newer. For more details incl. release notes for HT101 and HT102 here.

21. 5. 2018: Password change at Linux-based PLCs (IPLC500, IPLC510, MXPLC-L, mark…)

Since February 2018, the administrator password for Linux-based PLCs has changed. The old password was “sharkXXXX”, where XXXX were the last four digits of the PLC serial number. Now the password is the number stated at the PLC label as “code:”. The process stations affected are easy to recognize according to the “code:” item at the device label (see image). The user is root, as before.

10. 1. 2018: Master – Slave settings at FC(R)010,011,013

In firmware release V104 (the FW version is on the device label or in the device mask in ModComTool) there is a minor bug: If a slave controller is set up as Slave, the master outputs are not mirrored at the slave controller. For a Master – Slave topology, all Slave controllers must be configured as Master.

Slave addresses (10, 11, 12… etc.), setup of Master controllers, and wiring remain unchanged, see datasheets.

The problem affects room controllers FC010, FCR010, FCR011, FC013, FCR013 and derived customised versions with serial numbers of the range from 131100 to 135044. We apologize for any inconveniences. Contact support@domat.cz for more information.