Turnkey projects

Complex solutions and turnkey projects delivery of control systems, measurement and regulation for end clients – investors, developers, building contractors etc.

Domat Control System has an experienced project development team. We are covering the area of management and work coordination up to design and software development  for the delivery of electrical cabinets, installation works, commissioning, and system go-alive.

It is an advantage for customer if supplier of  the building control and management system also covers the complete cable installation, electrical cabinets supply with accesories delivery, and connection works. By this, we fully control the work consequences, deadlines, and complete project coordination. This is especially important in case of changes during the construction which also mean changes in project documentation: this eliminates a risk for the subcontractors of having several different project revisions. Our company also supplies high-voltage switchboards and low voltage systems, including assembly, installation of peripherals, start up and commissioning. The revision report guarantees safety and reliability of the  complete system.

When creating application software, our engineers adhere to functional and graphical standards and thus the human-machine interfaces are easy to understand and control. This makes operator training fast and inexpensive. During the entire development period, our technicians aim to stay in touch with the operator of the system and adapt the application to his needs.