Company history

We started writing the history of our company in 2004. Look back with us at our biggest milestones.

Year 2024
With effect from 1. 1 2024, the company Domat Control System s.r.o. as a managed entity, part of a concern managed by ČEZ, a. s., as a managing entity. This announcement is made in accordance with the provisions of § 79, paragraph 3 of Act No. 90/2012 Coll., on business corporations, as amended.

Year 2023
February - the growing portfolio of our products and the ever-increasing demand give us the impetus to move the logistics and warehouse department to an adjacent building in the company's headquarters.
September - within the framework of strengthening the development and interlinking of the name of our company with the product solution, Merbon Family changes to Domat SOFTWARE.

Year 2021
March - launching of a new website that is part of the company's updated visual style.

Year 2020

In July, our company successfully passed the certification according to ISO 27001 – information security management system, especially the management of information trust security for employees, processes, IT systems and company strategy.

In the early part of the year we launched a new line of PLCs called WALL.

Year 2019
During the holidays we worked on the first pilot projects of the new PLC series WALL.
We managed to complete the largest project so far: V-Tower and Main Point Pankrác, Prague.
And most importantly, we celebrated an important milestone, in October – already 15th anniversary.

Year 2018
Merbon SCADA extended the family of Merbon Softwares.
Interesting reference: Metropolitan railway, Doha, Qatar.
In December, we also completed the acquisition with ČEZ ESCO.

Year 2017
Redesigned hardware products in sale.

Year 2016
Cooperation with Vietnamese distributor G7-TECH begins. Participation on exhibition in Ho Chi Minh City.

Year 2015
We hired new staff to the the research and development department.
Merbon IDE and mark… products series launched.

Year 2014
Ten years’ anniversary.

Domat Control System s.r.o. successfully certified according to ISO 14001 – environmental management system.

Domat controllers and peripherials installed in the new building of Research and Breeding Institute of Pomology, Holovousy.

Year 2013
More than 10 000 active units (PLC, I/O modules, converters, zone controllers) sold yearly.

PV monitoring system certified by TÜV SÜD as the first in the world.

Product business development in Europe, Domat controllers in catalogues of German and Dutch distributors.

Succesful introduction of Domat at the Automaticon trade fair, Warszaw, Poland.

Year 2012
PV monitoring system deliveries to Bulgaria, PV control system installations in Germany.

Karel Vytřísal becomes Manager of the Year.

Interesting reference: a 4.5 MW boiler plant in Shopping center Dalma, Yerevan.

Year 2011
Total installed power output of the monitored PV plants exceeds 400 MW.

Development of product business in the Czech Republic and abroad, deliveries to Belgium, The Netherlands.

Year 2010
Scored an extraordinary success monitoring system for solar power, which was installed over 50 solar power plants.

Founded Domat Energy, which focuses on services in the area of ​​energy.

Year 2009
Interesting references to become an international center to combat cyber crime in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Year 2008
Begin development of a monitoring system for PV.

Moved the company headquarters in Pardubice Technopark, opening training center in Prague in Klecany.

Exhibition of Light Building in Frankfurt Domat presented with an open control system of each room and begins to distribute in the countries of Western Europe.

Year 2007
Start of production room controls and regulators UC.., UI..

Year 2006

Domat receives Honorable Mention in the Grand Prix competition for the heat pump cascade control system.

SoftPLC launched on the market, MiniPLC substations receive Honorable Mention at the Aquatherm trade fair in Prague.

Domat becomes the exclusive distributor of RcWare Vision and provides it with technical support in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Year 2005
Design of business model for Central and Eastern Europe. The first deliveries to foreign distributors.

Year 2004
Company foundation Domat Control System.

The Year 2002
Emergence of the concept of control system based on network technology.