General HMI queries

How do I upload a text template to the terminal?

The text template is part of the graphic definition since version 2.4.0.x, ie. add a blank page in your graphic definition, and add a text definition in the "text definition" column of this page's properties.

How can I set the time from zHMI?

The HMI editor does not yet support the data type "time", however it is possible to "bypass" in the program using the functions mul_time, where you set a constant in "in1" eg 1s, which you multiply by the value leading to input "in2" - this also use the variable in the HMI.

What to map the DateTime Indicator / Setter to?

Select "Use RTC" for the terminal graphics template

For a graphic or text PLC (as well as a text terminal template) in the "Variable" option, select the highest structure in the tree ladder, ie the name of the specific PLC.

Where did the Analog indicator, which was part of "2.3.0.x" and lower, disappear?

As of version 2.4.0.x and higher, the Analog indicator has been renamed to "Value indicator", as the object also supports the "String" data type.

The terminal template is limited to 20 pages. Is it possible to change this restriction?

The 20-page limit cannot be changed or disabled.

Can I set permissions restrictions on some objects in a graphics template?

Restrictions on the graphics template to some objects due to weaker rights settings cannot be set. Restrictions on user rights can only be placed on specific sites.

How do I encrypt some objects in the text template (LCD menu, terminal, web)?

Set a four-digit PIN for the "Login" object and objects that only a user who knows the PIN can enter in this object will be able to access it.

I don't see the variable I have in the program in the variable selection dialog in the HMI editor

Most likely, the variable you're trying to map did not enter any of the input of a function block, function, or other variable.

The vHMI editor variable selection dialog doesn't offer me any variables

Make sure that you have the kPLC connection selected in the terminal or if you have a PLC added

Right-click and reselect the terminal to which the template should apply. This problem occurs when copying one report template to another.

Is it possible to change the afterglow time for the LCD menu?

Yes, you can make the change in the PLC properties in the "LCD parameters" tab and play the report.