General HT104/102 queries

I can't upload an IDE definition file to the terminal

  • In your report, make sure you have the network address and port settings defined correctly on the HT104 / 102 terminal
  • In your report, make sure you have the terminal template selected for the HT104 / 102 terminal.
  • The definition for the template is most likely to be compiled incorrectly. Add a new terminal to the map to which you map the required template and fill in the required data IP address of the terminal and sPLC connection.

Is it possible to make HT104 (compatible with Merer RT) HT103 (compatible with SoftPLC RT)?

  • It is possible, but it is not a system solution, but a "sub-counter issue." Upload the update file for HT103 on the terminal's web interface, to which you can download the website www.domat.cz and the terminal will "switch" to HT103 after the update. This can also be done in reverse from HT103 to HT104
  • For older (sheet metal versions, this is the same as above, ie zHT102 on HT101 and vice versa.

After uploading the definition file < Invalid value > appears next to the terminal object

  • Most likely, you uploaded to the terminal a definition file that is zHMI for (SoftPLC IDE). This problem arose mainly with older versions of HMI, where an external HMI editor was used to create the HMI project and the project was probably anchored in an incompatible version.
  • Theoretically, this error can also appear for variables that are mapped to objects where there are some non-standards, ie a non-standard variable data type or other specific object settings.

After uploading the definition file, Disconnect is displayed next to the terminal object

Make sure the variable you are referencing in the terminal is loaded in vPLC. The vIDE project can only be compiled or the variable can be deleted.

Not all objects communicate with me after uploading the definition to the terminal

Check whether the vIDE of the project is a legally set connection to the PLC (type of connection by which the terminal connects to the PLC - server). If the user is not familiar with Deploy and HwConfig connection types, it is easiest to select Custom and enter the network parameters of the keyboard.

Can I set the display to turn off somewhere?

Display off setting feature not supported?