Operation of server applications

Today, almost all applications are online. If you need an application that will work with multiple users at the same time, even from different places, then you need a server application.

Virtual dispatching

Virtual dispatching has a number of advantages over a classic workstation: Web access makes it accessible from anywhere, ensures physical security and data backup, does not need to build a dedicated workplace with the appropriate communication infrastructure, and its functions and updates are subject to clear rules. Domat offers virtual dispatching centers, hosted in reputable data centers (eg MasterDC), especially for larger installations and larger numbers of data points - or, for example, where high dispatcher mobility, including home availability, is required.

Database for collecting historical data

Data that is not reliably stored and readily available as if it were not. Database, a database focused on fast and efficient storage of data series, guarantees these requirements. This database can also import old historical data from other systems, so you can track values over a long period. This is particularly necessary for evaluating energy-saving measures. No less important is the regular backup of projects from automation stations and graphic stations, so that technology can be quickly and efficiently serviced. This is done by project management software, which enables versioning and quick retrieval of all project data.

Energy and management portal ContPort

ContPort is a server application for energy analysis and management of buildings and industrial facilities. The web dispatching includes a service help desk with a ticketing system for reporting and monitoring service interventions, a module for collecting online data for energy efficiency evaluation, and a reporting module. ContPort was designed for service and management companies and for multi-technology investors - for users who want a comprehensive overview of cost and efficiency.