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All promotional materials, catalogs, leaflets or documents, certificates and awards can be found in this section.


Some of the Domat software products are licensed. The licensing policy is different for different products and services: some of them are paid on a one-off basis and the customer is granted to use them for an unlimited period, some are subject to regular fees.



Domat Control System provides a comprehensive range of products and system solutions for building, energy control and measuring systems. Standard signals, interfaces, and communication protocols are used at all system levels. Therefore, the system is open for a wide range of integrated solutions. We supply complete range of control system components – from SCADA to peripherials, all supported by a single supplier.


System solutions

Are you architects? Go to pages 10 to 14: integration of building technologies, room units and controllers, and 20 to 23: references and different fields of application. Are you investors, developers and facility managers? Look at pages 4 to 20: system properties and solutions which Domat offers for each activity field. Then, for your information, pages 21 and on: references with their typical features. Are you distributors, integrators and designers? Browse through the whole catalogue for general overview and inspiration. Details, example topologies, and data sheets are in the product overview catalogue.


Certificates and awards

ISO 27001, 9001, 14001 certification and honorable mentions for exhibits from trade fairs.


General business terms and conditions

General business terms and conditions for sale of goods and services and conditions for implementation orders of Domat Control System s.r.o. supplied through subcontractors.


Return material authorisation form

Please download the form to your computer and fill it in in the PDF viewer (in Adobe Acrobat Reader, use the Fill and Sign function). Please enclose the completed sheet with the shipment so that your complaint can be processed quickly and correctly. Post-warranty repair work is charged at 750 CZK/hour without VAT. Due to the availability of parts, we only accept devices less than 5 years old for repairs. The repair includes complete testing - output tests. Please note that the network settings, configuration, application program, etc. may not be retained after the repair.


Company presentation

Company profile, references and offered products and services.


Leaflets of HW and SW products

Leaflets of our hardware and software products with clear and more detailed information.

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