Latest releases of software - Merbon IDE, Merbon SCADA, Merbon Visual, RcWare SoftPLC, RcWare Vision and more.

New development environment for regulation and control of technological processes for programmable controllers mark. Programming can be done in FBD (function block diagram) or in ST (structured text). Program consists of IDE – integrated development environment, WinRT – runtime for SW testing and HMI editor – tool for creating LCD menu definition and web pages.



Merbon SCADA is a new process visualization, which enable access to the data such as tables and schemas offering current values, graphs, alarm and event overviews as well as other information. The application consists of a server, and one or more client stations.



Merbon Visual application for visualization of the user interface to the HT200 touch control terminal, mobile application (for Android and iOS) and industrial iPC computer. The application is fully compatible with PLCs with both Merbon RT and SoftPLC RT.

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The installer contains set of icons with symbols of heating, ventilation, and air condition. The license agreement allows usage in all Merbon programs.

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Example of the Merbon project

The example of the Merbon project includes technological diagrams, wiring diagrams of switchboards, Merbon IDE projects for two substations and the Merbon SCADA project (or source in RcWare Vision) including graphics. The project is to show one of the possible solutions to approach the creation of application software for mark stations and graphics for Merbon SCADA. In this case, the language of the function blocks (FUPLA) was chosen, a language that is easy to read and very suitable for this example.

The project was created in response to frequent requests for demonstration projects and is intended to illustrate some typical procedures and steps and to serve as inspiration. The file is not freely downloadable like other programs and documents. Please contact support@domat.cz.


Software package for control of technological processes, typically to be used in HVAC control systems. It consists of following programs: IDE, RT, HMI, WebPanel, HMI Editor, OPC server, Modbus serves and HW info.

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SCADA system with rich possibilities of integration. It was originally intended for creating monitor networks of various technologies through telemetric networks and different types of local communication.

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Examples of SoftPLC projects from simple room controller integration to complete software.