Measurement and control service

Domat Control System provides warranty and post-warranty service of measurement and control systems.

Common operational service

Trained and experienced technicians are able to identify the problem not only on the measurement and control equipment, but also on technologies such as air-conditioning, heating, heavy-current electrical distribution, etc. Long-term experience in domestic and foreign projects and close cooperation with the implementation department guarantee professional service interventions. Technicians use centralized secure project repositories, so they always have the latest versions of application programs and documentation available on the road.

Contractual collateral

For customers who want to plan cost cash flow and need 100% availability, the Domat Control System offers regular pre-season inspections. Prophylactic inspection can significantly prolong the life of the device and increase its efficiency. Preventing faults reduces or eliminates shutdowns during the season, and maintenance costs can be better planned. ContPort cloud service is used for clear and reliable planning of inspections. Our department records all requirements and monitors their timely and quality fulfillment according to the parameters of the service contract.

Emergency 365 days a year

Some operations, such as centralized heat supply systems, hospitals, manufacturing plants or residential complexes, must operate continuously. For these demanding conditions, the Domat Control System has a standby service with guaranteed on-site availability, available daily from 7am to 11pm. Service is provided by their own employees who know the objects and quickly orientate in them. The service may include the availability of critical spare parts.

Domat saves transportation costs by setting up remote access, allowing you to change settings and perform system diagnostics or adjustments remotely. It is possible to detect the defective part immediately, not on the spot.

Reconstruction of older systems

Maintaining existing investments is a key requirement for the recovery of legacy systems. Thanks to advanced technical solutions, Domat Control System can integrate older functional systems or their parts (I/O modules, sensors, valves, etc.) and thus extend the life of older devices. The service department will design the optimum procedure to meet the entry conditions for the reconstruction: payback period, invested amount or downtime. For example, it is possible to connect an object equipped with an older competitive control system to the central dispatching of the company managing the property at minimal cost.