General HT200 queries

I can't upload an IDE definition file to the terminal

  • Make sure Merbon Menu Reader is not installed on the HT200. This application is the predecessor of the current version of Merbon Visual, where the definition file of the external HMI editor, which was part of version and lower, was loaded. Ideally, use this external HMI editor or If necessary, update the application to Merbon Visual
  • In your report, make sure you have the network address and port settings defined correctly on the HT200 terminal
  • In your report, make sure you have the terminal template selected for the HT200 terminal.
  • The definition for the template is most likely to be compiled incorrectly. Add a new terminal to the map to which you map the required template and fill in the required data IP address of the terminal and sPLC connection.

The definition file will not be displayed on the terminal after uploading

Most likely, the terminal may have crashed after loading the terminal. You will need to restart the terminal with the "power on / off" or button to restart the web interface.

Why does the terminal take a long time to load pages?

This is a terminal feature that, when one page is moved to another page, the existing page is "dropped" and the newly opened page starts to "clean up". Site content is not cached.

Can I delete a penguin after starting the terminal?

The penguin cannot be removed.

I can't edit objects on the page

Make sure the user I'm logged in to doesn't have read-only rights. You can find out either by setting the user rights vIDE or in the overview of individual pages on the terminal the symbol "crossed out pencil" is displayed for pages that are read-only.

Can I back up the uploaded terminal definition?

Yes, you can download the uploaded terminal definition from the web interface. However, this is already a compiled definition, which can no longer be easily modified to get the original definition, which you can also edit, so it is necessary to have a project that you open in the Merbon IDE (note for older versions and lower Merbon HMI)

How do I set the screen to turn off?

Terminal settings must be logged in via a user with "Admin" rights or log in to the web interface in a web browser (default password is "rw"). Set the function "off" to "0".