M090 - extended commands

1. Standard

Ignore the first column at all. It's just a command number for orientation, but it's not a given command, although most lines match it. This can be confusing.

The second column is dali command (bali command) in binary form. So here's what is put in the 6LSB register. XXXX also appears there - it is always necessary to guess according to the described function. Mostly these are groups 0-15, or scenes, etc.

The address is governed by TYPES OF ADDRESSES and applies to both extended and standard commands.

The other fields D0, D1, D2 are always 0 for standard commands.

If you want to store the value in the DTR (eg the value 257), then in the 6LSB we do not give 257 (because, as you correctly revealed, it does not even work), but 10100011 = 0xa3 and in the 6MSB value.

2. Advanced

The converter recognizes the extended command by having a number in field D2. For an extended command, the command is always 0. Instead, we write the number in D2. The address, D0 and D1 fields must then be filled in as shown in the table for extended commands.

The communication results then appear in the dali command, dali address, D0 and D1 fields. This can be seen from the Answers for Advanced Commands table.

M090 updates:

  • FW from V3 to V7 can be uploaded to hardware version V1.2 2010/12 (latest so far, see download files),
  • FW up to version 2 can be loaded into older boards.

Direct control has also been added to the SoftPLC IDE - it is therefore possible to set the level of individual ballasts in the range MINLEVEL… MAXLEVEL, or is that zero off (may depend on the type of ballast).

Possible problems: did the lights turn on to the maximum or go out of nowhere?

The error was fixed almost immediately. However, the problem is that there are two processors in the module and the error is in the processor that cannot be upgraded from the web. If someone reports such behavior to you and the module has a serial number older than 053356, it is necessary to send the module to us for playback. Upgrading the firmware via the web will not help in this case.

M090 is extended by so-called simple commands

(Modbus table) is extended by other registers, which allow by simple writing of bits or bytes to directly control states (on / off) or intensity of individual ballasts or groups. This is exactly a feature that many of our customers have lacked. See its data sheet for details. The firmware is attached to this post.n Pay attention to the procedure for updating the FW (see catalog sheet)!

Firmware V14, changes (already in FW V11, from 04/2014): added registers for individual control of "everything"FW V14, analog broadcast repair.

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