General IDE queries

Failed to play the project on the PLC (recording of the report will not even start)

If the error did not appear when compiling the report and the project upload to the PLC still did not start, check the number of SSCP TCP clients that are actively connecting to the PLC. The FreeRTOS PLC operating system has a limit of 5 connections and Linux of 20 connections. As of version, "Report upload" requires two SSCP connections at a time, which can cause the limit of allowed connections on the PLC to be exceeded and the project upload to the PLC will not start.

Variables display "No Value" or "No Value"

  • Make sure you have the appropriate program mapped on the PLC
  • Make sure you have a specific PLC or function block instance selected when "debugging a PLC"
  • Check if the program is loaded into the PLC

After creating my own function block in structured text, I don't see all the items in its properties

Most likely, the function block name in the IDE tree does not match the function block declaration in the VST code.

Variable browser search doesn't filter "correctly" or as expected

If you have expanded the "body" of a function block and entered another "text key" in the filter, the variable browser will show you, in addition to matching the entered key, the already expanded function block variables, which can cause temporary confusion. that the variable browser does not filter correctly.

After clicking on "Upload report", the error "The controller is only partially assigned" will be displayed

Most likely, you assigned the controller to the report manually, which allows you to create the report in "offline mode", but to upload the report to the PLC, you must perform a physical assignment via UDP broadcast or upload parameters.

Block for sending SMS "SendSmsTrig" returns error 42 on the output

If the block returns error 42, no SMS or there were multiple requests to send an SMS at one time. In case of this error, it is necessary to make an algorithm that will generate a leading edge to send an SMS again in about half a minute. One case is illustrated in the IDE hhelp.

I can't see my HW library in the device library

When viewing your device library, make sure "Show only current devices" isn't selected. This function only displays devices that have the status "Issue or Release "and most likely your device has a different status such as" Test ".

Why do I get the error 'expression with type' xy 'is not compatible with input parameter' xy 'of type' xy 'in call' xy '?

In your report, you have a function block and a variable named under the same name.

I don't see errors / warnings / information in the results

The most likely will be a flick-down view of one of these features. Check the "Results" tab - & gt; "Show" if you have the features listed.

I mistakenly swapped VIDEO windows, how do I get this to the default layout?

Select "Tool Reset" tools in the top bar

I can't switch the IDE to another language

Sometimes this happens to someone and when even installing language locales in Windows doesn't help. If this problem is set, then the only "solution" so far is to click on the path where the Merbon IDE is installed, eg "C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Merbon \ IDE (123749) \ locale" and do not just leave the desired language in the "locale". Back up and delete the others.

After opening the report, some function blocks or functions display the status "Obsolete", "Damaged", "Damaged" Can I use these blocks?

If you successfully compile reports, you can use blocks, but it is recommended that you replace these blocks with the latest version. If the report does not compile successfully, it is necessary to replace these blocks with the latest version, which is done by right-clicking on the block and selecting Replace Version.

Can I run the program only once?

Yes, it is possible. To the PLC manager, select the "Tasks" tab, add a specific program to a separate task, select the "Event" type, the start condition and the variable. Confirm the changes at the bottom right with the "OK" button and upload the report to the controller.

How can I download the currently set values ​​from the operator and set the initial values?

Right-click on the PLC and select "Get variables" and then in the variable browser select the variables with which you want to overwrite the initial values ​​or. select "Ctrl + A" and right-click on the selected variables and select "Set as initial value", select the PLC on which you want to override these values ​​and select "OK".