Problem with IPLC detection

An issue has been identified with IPLC detection from a computer running Windows Vista x64 and VMWare installed. VMWare adds virtual network adapters to the system that are likely to cause detection to malfunction. The solution is to disable these network adapters.

In general, for IPLC detection problems, a good first step is to turn off all network adapters, except the one through which IPLC is connected. Another good step is to turn off firewalls, which is a basic thing, but it is often forgotten in the heat of battle.

When connecting a PC - MiniPLC only with a crossover Ethernet cable (without a switch), the PC card may not detect the speed (10 / 100M) and flow (half / fullduplex) correctly. Then just set the values ​​hard and often it helps.

After successful detection, a red exclamation mark may be lit - disagreement between runtime versions in the IDE and MiniPLC. Please note that this message will appear even if the version agrees, but the MiniPLC is on a different network than the PC, more in the Runtime update. So first let's set the IP address to be on the same network as the PC, and then let's Detect devices again. Often a green pipe will appear - the runtime does not need to be played and we can start uploading the program.