General proxy queries

Is proxy supported on all platforms?

Except older models mark100, mark100v2, mark120, mark125, mark150, mark150/485, IMIO100 and ICIO200, proxy is supported on all platforms.

How to configure PLC connection on Proxy

In the PLC properties in the Proxy tab -> enable Proxy, enter the Proxy ID and URL and upload the configuration to the PLC. You can learn more about this topic here or in Merbon IDE help, just search "proxy".

Can I also upload/ download the configuration on the PLC remotely (via upload parameters)?

Using IDE version 2.5.x.x and newer it is possible. On older versions is not possible. On older versions Proxy configuration can only be uploaded/ downloaded using UDP broadcast.

Proxy connection does not work

  • Check if the PLC settings have proxy enabled, correctly entered URL, ID and Keep-alive Period for 10s. - these parameters are loaded by configuration into the PLC
  • Check that the PLC is connected to the Internet or the firewall does not block ports that are used for communication by the sproxy server
  • Check the status displayed in the system status on the PLC next to the "Proxy" section