General Domat Visual queries

I can't open the definition file

Find a specific "hold your finger" definition file on your mobile device and choose to share (on Android) or upload (on iOS)

Most likely, the application will not have disabled settings of the pool or. Check the permissions granted to the Domat Visual mobile applications for the mobile device setup documents. If they're all enabled, try disabling and re-enabling them, then try opening the definition file again.

Can I change my kPLC address?

In the settings, select the "User profile" option in which you enter the required network data, confirm with the "OK" button and select the "User profile" option in the drop-down menu.

Can I save the definition file in the application?

Yes, you can save multiple definition files that you can access. Choose "Definitions" - & gt; "Configuration", if you do not have a definition selected, select the definition in the "Definition file" field and select the name of your definition in the "Save definition" field and choose save.

I can't download the PLC web server definition file

Make sure you are not trying to download the zPLC definition file from the FreeRTOS operating system, ie mark100, mark125, mark130, mark150 / 485, IMIO100, IMIO105, IMIO110, ICIO200 and ICIO205. This feature is not supported on FreeRTOS platforms.

Make sure you have the correct IP address, port, username and password