BACnet import

A utility for loading objects from the controller was written to visualize process stations communicating via the BACnet/IP protocol (eg Desigo PX). The result is a text file that is easily imported into RcWare Vision, or a .hwvar file for import into SoftPLC. Within a few minutes, the objects are visible and communicated (online) and it is possible to start sampling history, drawing graphics, etc.

You can find the program in Downloads / Software section. The .zip also contains a description of how to work with it.

Furthermore, when reading the properties of the Schedule block, Kieback & Peter does not send a statement of individual states, which results in insufficient definition of the data point when importing into Vision. As a result, you cannot display or set a table for a time program. States must therefore be entered manually in the data point definition in Vision. In our case, Day = 1, Night = 2, Off = 3.

For Siemens Climatix devices, the network ID must be = -1 and the device ID = 0, otherwise it does not work. An IP address is specified in the channel settings, so a device ID is not required.

Otherwise, pay attention to the simultaneous running of several BACnet clients: BACnetTool will not be able to read objects, eg from Desigo PX controllers, if the PXM20 application is running on the PC at the same time - they are dragged by UDP port 47808. For successful import, PXM20 must be closed!