IPCT.1 - touch screen driver

Due to rare problems with the touch screen controller, which is integrated on the motherboard of this PC (it is a type of PenMount DMC9000), we were forced to install an external USB touch screen controller (PenMount 6300) in IPCT.1. For this reason, a new driver for the PenMount 6300 must be installed in existing XP embedded builds.

After installing the driver, 2 touch screen controllers (PenMount DMC9000 and PenMount 6300) will appear in the calibration interface. The touch screen is connected via the PenMount 6300, so this controller must be calibrated. If you want only one controller (PenMount 6300) to appear in the calibration interface, you must disable the appropriate driver for the PenMount DMC9000 in Device Manager. In the future, it should be possible to disable the integrated controller in the BIOS.

If you do not find the PenMount 6300 in your system, contact support@domat.cz.