M-Bus meters

In practice, it has already happened that the integrator connected the pulse output of the meter to the M-Bus/RS232 converter (M095) instead of the M-Bus terminals. He was glad that when the red LED "pulse" flashes on the meter, the LED on M095 also flashes, and that it seems to be connected correctly. It was, of course, a short circuit on the bus, because the open collector in the meter briefly connected the M-Bus wires for a moment with each pulse and the LED indicating a short circuit on the converter lit up.

The "pulse / M-Bus" converter is, for example, Siemens AEW310.2.

Other popular converters are the PadPuls series, which are characterized by the pleasant feature that a special USB cable is not required for their configuration, as in the previous case of AEW. Everything can be configured on site using any M-Bus/RS232 converter (eg. M095), and Relay software.