The LCD display does not connect to the RT

If I want to upload the menu on the IPLC510 display, it must have a localhost address in the connection properties in the HMI Editor in the form (Variable… manager -> Connection -> Update / Edit connection -> Remote -> Address ->, ie default settings in the project. If a real address is used, eg, then after connection everything works until the Ethernet cable is disconnected. When the cable is disconnected, the display does not connect to RT ("does not find this address") and RT does not respond to changes from the display.

 Another reason why the LCD display does not connect to the runtime can be an incorrect configuration file save. Check that there is a ProviderSettings section at the beginning of the .lcdmenu file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<lcd-splc-menu xmlns:esgid="http://dev.rcware.net/xml/esgid" xmlns:esghmi="http://dev.rcware.net/xml/esghmi" xmlns="http://dev.rcware.net/xml/esglcd">
      <size esghmi:width="16" esghmi:height="3" esghmi:metric="char" />
    <connection esgid:cId="DefaultConnection">
      <providerSettings providerType="Remote">

This determines the connection parameters from the display to the runtime. In order to export correctly, when saving a project with a menu, the import dialog must be in the Remote Connection state with the address filled in (and the correct parameters for connecting to the runtime, such as name and password):


and in this state confirmed with the Apply changes button. Then the project must be saved.