Domat room units and controllers

Our company offers a wide range of room controllers. They may look similar, but the functions are different. For simple orientation in the portfolio, you can use the following image:
Basically, devices can be divided into three main groups.The first are room controllers designed to connect to a PLC, the designation starts with UI or UX. They do not have a controller function, they are used for entering and displaying values and states. For all models, you can choose a version with a backlit display, which then have a label ending in BL. The UI05x series is a design without a control knob, suitable where we do not want the user to change values. The UI07x series has no knob and no LCD. UX models with five buttons are used to control the blinds instead of a control wheel. The UI3xx has an input for a Pt1000 temperature sensor, so it is suitable for rooms with underfloor heating. The UI90x series of nine features a CO2 sensor. The second family of controllers is marked UCxxx and is intended for connection to FCR controllers.

For EMC sensitive environments, we recommend the UC011 model, which has galvanic separation compared to the UC010 model. Both can be combined with the FCR010 and FCR011 regulators (choose according to the 24 or 230 V power supply). The UC013 + FCR013 combination is intended for fan coils with a fan - and if you want to monitor air quality as well, use the UC905 + FCR015 combination with a CO2 sensor. The last category is separate heating and cooling controllers (without fan or damper control), which can use time programs and run independently of the PLC. The designation is different, according to the combination of inputs and outputs, everyone will probably choose.