IPLC5xx / MXPLC – Process station MiniPLC shark

Current version:

from 30th January 2020, build 55278

IPLC5xx – Process station MiniPLC shark

Be aware - this instructions are for experienced engineers. If you have any doubts in the procedure described below, send your device back to Domat Control System main office for upgrade or call technical support.

Please backup all variables and PLC configuration first.

Make sure that you have the current project and LCD menu definition. Do not switch off power while uploading the runtime.

1. Connect to the device. Follow these instructions.
2. If the connection with the device trough WinSCP is established, upload the softplcrt.sh file to the root folder. Be aware, that the file must be transferred as binary. (Right click on the folder, Upload -> Transfer settings)
3. Go to the PuTTY terminal window and press “q” (Quit to command line). Then enter this command sh softplcrt.sh.
4. After this command, there are series of confirmations dialogues.

For common upgrade without configuration follow these instructions:
! WARNING ! This file overwrites existing files, continue (y/n) ?  choose y
Keep old config file (y/n) ? choose y
Old RT found. Delete (y/n) ? choose y
Prerequisities complete. Ready to install. Continue (y/n) ? choose y
File ‘functions.input.sh’ exists. Overwrite (y/n) ? choose y
Enable DIP switch 1 (y/n) ? choose y
Run license HW info generator (y/n) ? choose n
Run softplc configurator (y/n) ? choose n
Autostart SoftPLC RT (y/n) ? choose y
Edit soft_plc.config (y/n) ? choose y
Configure LCD menu (y/n) ? choose n
Enable softplc watchdog (y/n) ? choose y

If there is this message after procedure: „Finished. Check everything and reboot.“, reboot the controller. Done.