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Information for current version of Merbon IDE

The current version 2.5.0.x brings news in the addition of the new markMX.3 platform, encrypted communication, dynamic changes, support for .NET drivers and cancellation of support for platforms with OS FreeRTOS. For most FreeRTOS platforms, we have a replacement in the same design, but with Linux OS and the same performance as markMX.3. Other novelties include the possibility of adding a custom timestamp for asynchronous history, a binary mask for digital objects, a tab Watch for better filtering and monitoring of variables, and new graphic HMI objects (Alarm Point, Link, Pop-up, Progress Bar, Slider). You can read about other new features and fixes in the Release Notes.

Also read: Properties of hardware platforms with Merbon runtime.

Please use the most recent Merbon IDE version if possible. The current version has several bugs fixed and contains fixes to increase program stability. The program supports OS with .NET Framework 4.7.2 or later – Windows 8 or later (Win8, Win8.1, Win10, Win11). 

Information for older version of Merbon IDE 2.4.0.x 

With version 2.4.0.x and above, external HMI editor is not supported anymore, but the external HMI editor version can be used to switch from older runtime versions (up to 2.3.0.x) to version 2.4.0.x, which can be downloaded below. 

In the version of Merbon IDE, a bug where the application crashed after hovering the mouse over a block displaying a tooltip is fixed. The application crash started appearing after some Windows update, so this crash can also occur in older versions of Merbon IDE. If you are using Merbon IDE version, you just need to open the project in the new Merbon IDE version without having to upload the Runtime on the PLC or update directly to the latest version of Merbon IDE 2.5.0.x. 

Previous releases

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First series

Repair tool and manual for RT uploat to PLCs:
mark100, mark120, mark125, mark130, mark150, mark150/485, IMIO100, IMIO105, ICIO200, ICIO205. Tool must be used for uploading RT to listed PLCs with RT older than version 1.0.1506.47503 – the rightmost five digit number lower than 47503.

External HMI editor version
, which is used to create and edit web panels based on older versions (up to 2.3.0.x) for use in PLCs with runtime 2.4.0.x, on PLC with Linux operating system (mark220LX, mark320LX, markMX.2, markMX, IMIO110.2, IMIO105.2, ICIO205.2, mark130.2, wPLC750-8101 and wPLC750-8102). It is used after updating the PLC from runtime versions 2.3.0.x. on 2.4.0.x. The internal HMI editor Merbon IDE in versions 2.4.0.x cannot import and process older graphic formats of the external editor based in versions 2.3.0.x, for editing older projects after the transition to the new version of the IDE it is necessary to use this new external HMI Editor. (A text menu can be imported; if the project does not contain graphics panels but only a text menu, this external editor is not required.)