Room units and controllers

Design range of communicative room units and controllers brings new dimensions in room controls. Large LCD display (60 x 60 mm) displays room temperature and status so that the data are visible up to 5 m distance. With a push/turn knob both temperature correction and operation mode change is easy, as is multi-level parameter setting inclusive weekly schedule plan.


For air handling units, small boilers, A/C units and other devices, universal room units are the best choice. They provide basic functionality (room temperature, room setpoint, operation mode setting) as well as more complex functions: heating curve selection, DHW setpoint, relative humidity and air quality display and setting, etc.

The set of functions to enable is configured at the commissioning time. For example, the set of operation modes may be residential (Day, Night, Auto, Off) or hotel/office (Comfort, Standby, Party, Off). Each mode provides separate setpoints for heating and cooling. The configuration software, ModComTool, is free of charge.The units have a blue controllable backlight as an option.

Units with CO2 sensors, UI9…, are used where demand-based ventilation is required.

The universal room units are available also with one digital output for control of e.g. radiator valve, and two inputs and two outputs for e.g. presence sensor and window contact, and control of heating and cooling valves. The control algorithm is not part of the room unit and must be configured in the process station, which gives more freedom to the application engineer.

Individual room controllers, on the other hand, provide independent control functionality with PI or on/off algorithm, together with the operation mode logic. The setpoints are predefined and therefore only bus address must be set at the commissioning time, optionally with enabling or blocking other functions (valve protection, change-over, selected operation modes, time scheduler etc.)

The UC102 room controller provides one SSR PWM output to control a thermic actuator or electrical heater, UC200 features two outputs for heating and cooling, and two inputs for presence sensor (e.g. from a card reader or IR sensor) and window contact or dewpoint sensor for systems with cooling panels.

Floor heating is controlled by UC300, a communicative controller with an extra analogue input for a Pt1000 floor temperature limitation sensor.

The controllers and room units communicate either with a process station, which reads energy demand ;signals to control primary plants and sets central depression modes, or with a SCADA station over a serial converter or Modbus RTU / IP router.

All room units and controller provide open communication over Modbus RTU and they are suitable not only for the Domat process stations and SCADA, but also for any open control or SCADA system. The heating controllers UB100 (with change-over function) and heating / cooling controllers UB200 communicate over BACnet MS/TP. All devices are available in five basic colours (white, grey, beige, dark grey, and pastel green).

Domat room units and controllers