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Published: 2/21/2024

New reference: The Imperial Spa, Karlovy Vary

The supply of measurements and regulation was provided by the Rescom company with our control system.

An interesting fact is that the project originally featured a different system, but its manufacturer was unable to deliver components in the required quantity and on time during the chip crisis. Due to pre-stocking, Domat had no problem with this and therefore won the order in the end. The package covered by Rescom included the complete delivery and installation of hardware, switchgear, cabling, wiring, programming, commissioning and operator training. Considering the number of data points and the fact that it was a reconstruction, where the designer of the control system must respect the existing conditions, the modular wall system was chosen for the selected switchboards. This series is characterized by the ability to serve hundreds of physical data points while occupying only a few tens of centimeters of DIN rail.