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Published: 2/19/2024

The Imperial Spa, Karlovy Vary

The original building of the Imperial Spa was built in 1893, and at that time it was the most modern spa house in the world. After the ceremonial opening in 1895, it offered more than a hundred bathrooms, which served almost 2,000 guests daily.

The building was originally intended for operation only during the spa season. Reconstruction in the 1940s enabled year-round operation, but then the building gradually fell into disrepair and in the 1980s it was used only as a casino. Only after it was included in the list of national cultural monuments in 2010 did a major reconstruction begin, which took place between 2019 and 2023. The costs of the reconstruction rose from the originally planned 828 million CZK to more than 1.5 billion CZK, while some additional work will be to continue in 2024.

The supply of measurements and regulation was provided by the Rescom company with our control system. An interesting fact is that the project originally featured a different system, but its manufacturer was unable to deliver components in the required quantity and on time during the chip crisis. Due to pre-stocking, Domat had no problem with this and therefore won the order in the end. The package covered by Rescom included the complete delivery and installation of hardware, switchgear, cabling, wiring, programming, commissioning and operator training. Considering the number of data points and the fact that it was a reconstruction, where the designer of the control system must respect the existing conditions, the modular wall system was chosen for the selected switchboards. This series is characterized by the ability to serve hundreds of physical data points while occupying only a few tens of centimeters of DIN rail.

A total of 13 wMXcom regulators with additional expansion I/O cards are installed in the facility in 12 racks. These integrate over 800 physical data points. The HT104 and HT200 panels serve as the user interface.

The Domat control system mainly controls and regulates individual air-conditioning units, of which there are a total of 13. Peripherals include fans, hot water heating, heat pumps (heating/cooling), rotary recuperators, humidifiers, dampers, measurement of temperature, humidity, air quality, pressure differences, etc. Air handling units with local heat pumps enable individual cooling without the need to distribute cold water throughout the building.

Secondary, zonal regulation ensures the thermal comfort of individual spaces - whether using classic radiators, several types of floor convectors or underfloor heating.

The system also includes machine rooms for power supply and regulation of individual heating branches (floor heating, convectors, ventilation, radiators), including ventilation of individual spaces with exhaust fans. The control system also ensures the monitoring of dozens of fire dampers. All consumption measurements (hot water, cold water, heat, electrical energy) are integrated via the M-Bus bus.

The event was extremely demanding on the coordination of professions, starting from the design phase. In the building, which is a national cultural monument, new technologies - especially heat pumps - had to be installed in a way that did not disturb the original morphology of the building. Rescom's employees had to respect the restrictions that come with heritage protection, which mainly concerned the installation of cabling and peripherals. Thanks to the openness, a third-party visualization (TIRS.NET by Coral) could be used.

The Imperial Spa no longer function as a spa house, but serve as a social and cultural center. The construction of the concert hall and especially its acoustic solutions are unique in the world. We are glad that Domat was able to participate in this building, which from 2023 becomes another important reference for both Rescom and Domat and proves that even a historic building with a strict protection regime can be successfully equipped with a modern technology management system.