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Published: 10/20/2023

Domat IDE

Our new - rebranded development environment for regulation and control of technological processes of mark and wall series control stations is available for download on our website!

We would like to introduce the next and last important part of our DOMAT SOFTWARE product line. As we have already outlined, the name change is certainly not the only thing that this news offers. The renaming of individual SW components also brings several new functions, which we would also like to introduce you to in Domat IDE, a full-fledged replacement for Merbon IDE. 

Release Candidate version Domat IDE is available now and brings a number of improvements and new features:

  • support for new platforms including markMXL, mark520, w751-9301 and w750-8212,
  • a list of communication protocols including Hauser (.NET), Daikin iTC (.NET) and Text Parser (.NET),
  • support for TLS communication, i.e. the possibility of encrypted data transfer,
  • improvements for easier editing and commissioning (watch window for monitoring online values, bulk writingvalues, structure of Modbus server, remote playback of configuration, automatic generation of text menu and others),
  • new objects for graphic display,
  • multiple properties at the BACnet client and export of the EDE file at the BACnet server,
  • and other news that you can find in the release notes and of course in the help of the program.

The Release Candidate is a pilot version of the program that has gone through close test scenarios of our testers and is progressing to selected implementations of the Domat team. Before releasing the stable version of this software, we would like to invite you, our customers, to try the Release Candidate with all its new features on your installations as well.

Try Domat IDE - Release Candidate

Your participation and feedback play a key role in our efforts to provide you with the best possible tool for your projects. Thank you for your cooperation and openness and we look forward to your ideas and comments. If you have any questions or need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Domat Control System team