Training of BMS designers

The training is for designers of building control systems with Domat components. We will focus on the most common mistakes, the connection of analogue sensors, surge protection, powering, etc. However, we will also deal with RS485 communication, integration of 3rd party systems with taking into account the reconstruction of older BMS systems and investment protection, network topologies, the features such as recording data into databases and other topics that raise the most questions when designing.

The training consists of:

  • product news and their use in open systems and BMS refurbishment,
  • sensors and I/O modules, power supplies, installation and design rules, integration at the automation station level, practical examples,
  • individual room controls, floor heating, fan coils, dynamic radiators, master-slave systems, critical points at design and commissioning, communication - bus topology and length, termination, etc.,
  • process stations, Ethernet connection, brief introduction to networks, PC connection with SCADA, remote access, web access, databases: specifications and properties, export to 3rd party systems, open interfaces,
  • examples of reference projects and discussion.

After the training, individual consultations on projects are possible. The content of the training may vary depending on the requirements of the participants. The training will be held in czech language, but can also be in English at your request.

Please enroll at skoleni@domat.cz.

Current training dates and locations can be found in the calendar of events.